Thursday, 6 May 2010

Leaps and bounds

So it took me longer than expected to get in touch with Charlotte from the Radford maplins store, but I did just have a conversation with her and I am set to begin my project properly.

What I haven't mentioned, but what is important is that I now have an Arduino board!
I ordered it a few days ago and it came today. But anyway, here's what I've learnt from talking to Charlotte and explaining to her info on this blog that I found on connecting LDRs to an Arduino:

I need to purchase a bag of single core wire, a breadboard, and a few LDRs that deal with different ranges of resistance as well as a variable resistor.
So using the blog and the knowledge gained from Charlotte, I know how to connect the bits together and simply need to test different LDRs in the circuit. This is because although I can fine tune the resistance with the variable resistor, I need to choose an LDR that already has a suitable resistance as it could be too resistance or not resistant enough when the light passes over it.

So my project is in motion now, and with luck I could have it working by this weekend! All thanks to Charlotte from Maplins and her extensive knowledge of electronics.

I'll buy the bits tomorrow, and update you then. For now I am installing Arduino software.
Alan Joesbury

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