Saturday, 1 May 2010

Possibly a pretty pointless post

Hello again,

After my previous post explaining that I needed to return to Maplins on Friday to speak to this 'Matt' fellow (if this is his real name) it became apparent that 'Matt' is no more - for at least a week whilst he is on holiday. So I was told to pay them another visit today (Saturday) to speak to another guy who may well know about electronics.

I put on my finest shoes and strolled on down merely an hour ago, only to find that this new fellow (Simon maybe?) has a very limited knowledge of electronics and circuitry (apparently he learnt nothing from a six week course).

Anyway. Long story short, the research goes on and I can contact a lady called Charlotte tomorrow in the Radford Maplins store who studies electronics at University.
But will she simply fob me off like the others?

I will update the blog tomorrow with news from Charlotte - another person from the ever growing Maplin's team of 'experts'.
Good day,
Alan Joesbury

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